Locum Terms And Conditions

As part of your registration with us we require you to read and fully understand the below terms and conditions in order for us to supply you with locum work through our agency.
The below terms and conditions will apply with all shifts that you complete through our agency for any company/client and with any work that is a product of doing so.

You must notify us at the earliest point in regards to any employment or re-employment whether this be on a temporary or permanent basis by a company/client that we have introduced you to and/or placed you with through our agency within a 6-month period of your most recent shift completed with that company/client
You must notify us at the earliest point of which (if any) client/companies you have worked for within the last 6 months of your point of registration
You must notify us of any changes or alterations of your availability at the earliest point and must be able to provide a reason for the change if within a week of the changes commencing
You must provide all relevant documentation that we ask to be provided with, you understand that this documentation will be provided with a client/company we are placing you with prior to the placement occurring
You must advise of and client/company that you do not wish to be placed with at the earliest point, you do not need a reason to be provided however we require to be aware of this prior to your registration’s completion
You understand that from your entrance to a company/client’s premises to your exit that you represent both yourself and our agency and should remain professional in all aspects through the entirety of this time
You understand that you must inform us of any change in personal circumstances within reason at the earliest point, this includes but is not limited to a change in address, accreditationsor any other reason relevant effecting the ability for you to complete your role
You understand that we will assign work to you that we believe is within your specifications that you state to us
You understand that locum shifts assigned to you may be cancelled due to our client/ companies circumstances changing inclusive of cancellation of employed leave and you understand that this is outside of our control however we will do everything possible in order to replace this shift with as close to the specifications as we are able
You understand that we do not supply ‘ghost-bookings’ and all bookings designated to you are those that have been booked between ourselves and our clients/companies either via email or telephone conversation.

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