Why work as a locum?

 Working as a locum pharmacist can offer flexibility and experience and the current opportunities are enormous. The following looks at how locums and their employers can get the best from the work they do.

Locum pharmacists are in great demand in community pharmacy. There are several reasons for this. Community Pharmacies open for increasingly longer hours, and this means that two or more pharmacists are now required to cover the working week. To complicate matters further, the community sectors are facing recruitment problems. Many pharmacy multiples find it hard to fill permanent pharmacist posts, and hospital recruitment suffers to some extent because salaries in community pharmacy - at least for full-time posts - tend to be higher.

Finally, an increasing number of pharmacists are getting involved in providing additional pharmacy services (eg, medication review, domiciliary visits, services to nursing homes, etc), and in continuing professional development activities, all of which may take them away from the pharmacy and result in the need for locums. The opportunities for locuming are therefore enormous.

How much do I as a locum have to pay the agency?

You pay nothing to the Agency; we charge the Companies a fixed rate.

What do preferred Locums do for me?

We at Preferred Locums will negotiate your rates, fill all the forms, liase with companies, email/ txt you details and much more. We will help you chase outstanding payments and work hard to ensure you will always have work!

Why should I change?

You will be financially better off for a start! Added to that,the diversity of jobs and being your own boss makes Locum work more enjoyable!

Will I get enough work?

We have contacted every major Pharmacy Company to secure as much work as possible for you. We operate differently to other agencies and it is an approach that the companies seem to like.

Do I need insurance?

Many of the large Pharmacy chains provide their own insurance. However it is advisable to take additional Indemnity Insurance cover as some smaller companies may not cover locums. Visit the N.P.A website for a discount through Preferred Locums Ltd.

When and how do I get paid?

All the companies pay you directly usually within 7-14 days after the work is undertaken either by cheque or BACS transfers direct into your account.

Who pays my Tax and N.I Insurance?

It is very important that you donít spend all the money you earn. Being self employed you will be accountable for your Tax returns. We strongly advise you to join with a accountant. On the link page you will have a number of accountants that we recommend.


Unlike other agencies we feel it is important to communicate with our locums with also the ever growing constant changes to jobs, we here at preferred Locums feel it is better for you to ring us to discuss the latest vacancies.

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