Director’s Statement

 Here at preferred locums we understand the importance of your role as pharmacists. We also understand the demands of the job, which is why we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the company, Preferred Locums. This agency was set up to meet the ever-growing demand of professional skilled locums. We feel that with our expertise and vast experience we are able to do this compared to other agencies, as Preferred Locums prides itself on efficiency and reliability whilst maintaining and improving working relationships with our business associates throughout the United Kingdom.

Here at Preferred Locums we strongly believe in recruiting only the best locums. As our foremost priority is you, we endeavor to work alongside you hand in hand, thus creating a perfect agreement between Preferred Locums and yourselves, and for this very reason our agency rates are not our main concern, your satisfaction is.

Latest Technology

We ensure that the exasperating errors, usually committed by agencies, such as double bookings, late arrival discrepancies on invoices etc, do not occur. We do this with the help of a unique computer software, designed especially for preferred locums. With the aid of this system our staff at Preferred Locums has the cutting edge over the other agencies which ultimately results in a better and more professional service.

You're Need

Through dedication and by listening to your needs we hope to not just provide you with positions but to develop your needs. Here at preferred Locums we feel that we are passionate, reliable, and efficient enough to be the most reliable agency you have associated with.

Yours faithfully

Zakir Patel.
Recruitment Director

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